If you have had a good experience with a local handyman, plumber, electrician or other local service provider and would like to share your good experience, details can be shared on the Walnut Ridge website page called “Contractor’s Corner.”  Positive experiences only will be considered.  Please email the webmaster (webmaster@walnutridgeonline.org) to submit your request.  In your email, please provide the following: 

· Your name, address, property address (if different) and your contact information (phone and email).  This information is needed for verification purposes only and will not be published.

· Category of service provided (i.e. plumbing, electrical, landscaping, general handyman)

· Your service provider’s name and contact information

· Your service provider’s website

· Service provider’s response time, reliability, quality of work and any other information you would like to include


Note:  The Webmaster reserves the right to evaluate all submissions for appropriateness to and conformance with the above subject matter.



There is no warranty or representation made regarding the service providers listed on our Website, but are merely suggestions. The contractor names are provided as a courtesy to the residents of Walnut Ridge.  Names of local service providers and/or contractors can only be submitted by a homeowner or resident of Walnut Ridge.  Walnut Ridge Community Association, Inc. does not endorse any services that may be suggested on our website.  It is strongly advised to perform your own due diligence when hiring any contractor.  The Board of Directors of Walnut Ridge and ProCom do not assume any responsibility for local service providers or contractor’s qualifications, licenses, insurance or performance.